Sunday, 19 January 2014

Save the cheerleader, save the world. Or a pretty amazing vintage cheerleader jacket...

So I found these photos on my phone from spring last year and I realised that I had never shared them!

I have appreciated cheerleading for a very long time, before Bring It On ever happened, before Heroes saver the cheerleader and DEFINITELY before Glee (since I'm old) but it wasn't exactly accessible back in the day and it was not something my school ever considered offering so it kinda got swept away and became something I enjoyed vicariously through every other medium I could get my hands on.

Last year around my birthday I came across a vintage cheerleading jacket in Rokit Vintage and since I had a bit of birthday money I decided to splurge.

It wasn't exactly cheap at around £45 (and that was with a discount) but it was in really excellent condition and in my size, something that doesn't often come about. It was exactly what I wanted, red, it had to be red and white as they're my home town's football colours, it had a hood rather than the sailor style collar and it had some patches on it but no silly names.

I couldn't wait to wear it! I works really well with my Vivien of Holloway jeans, among other things, but for its first official outing I wore it over a black jumper and a vintage wool pencil skirt. Its a little bit of a colour clash, but I think it kinda works.

I thought the fit of the jacket actually turned out to be quite slimming, which obviously is a bonus although the pockets are in a really stupid place.

What is even better about this jacket is that it has a quilted lining so it is really warm on a windy day, but I'm not sure how well it would last in a rain storm.

Here is a picture of the outfit without the jacket too:

Jacket: £45 Rokit Vintage
Jumper: £4 Wallis via charity shop
Skirt: ~£1.80 Ark vintage sale
Tights: £2.50 Primark
Brogues: £49 Clarks
(Blimey! One of my more pricey outfits...)

Frustratingly, when I was packing up last summer I wasn't able to fit this jacket into my suitcase so it is stuck in storage at my parents house :( but it is something I'll have to pick up when I'm back home visiting as I really love it.

Do you thing its okay to wear a cheerleader jacket when you've never cheered?


  1. That jacket looks amazing! I love varsity jackets. I remember they were really in style a few years ago but the quality on the one I got from New Look was terrible!

    1. Yes I've seen a few lower budget ones around that are a cheaper thinner material. I found that this one was such good quality and such a lovely style I couldn't help myself, I knew vintage was the way to go for something like this.

      Although my husband has a pretty cool avengers varsity jacket ;)

  2. Love it! Varsity jackets are so comfy.

    1. Yeah it made a pretty nice warm spring jacket :) I wish I'd had the chance to own one in school!


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