Sunday, 15 December 2013

Tonnes of great costumes from MCM London Comic Con October 2013

*This is a repost as I accidentally deleted the original :(

There won't be so many words in this post, but more of a gallery of my favourite cosplay costumes from the Expo.

I spent WAY too much time at the Nintendo Unleashed area. I got to pay on several new games and I definitely felt like a celebrity while visiting the booth.

There was also a booth featuring my favourite facepaint brand Snazaroo. You can bet that if face paint features on my blog it is made by snazaroo.

And without further ado... here are some of my favourite costumes:

This Iron Man was very nice

Another couples costume, Hawk Man and Hawk Girl. They were a pretty cool pair!

How cute is this giant Kirby plushy costume?!

Banjo Kazooie lady cosplay and Mario and Princess Daisy raccoon costumes
Zelda, Sheik and Link cosplay. This Princess Zelda costume may have been my favourite for the whole convention.

We got our photo taken with Pac Man!
A few costumes from the masquerade showcase. A chocobo from Final Fantasy, the Evil Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time and a pair of adorable Ice Climbers. 
In a world populated by 10th and 11th doctors, it was nice to see a Sylvester Mccoy 7th Doctor costume. Especially one as good as this!

One half of Daft Punk... Not sure which half though.

Disney Princesses dressing down.

You sure have to be committed to wear stilts ALL DAY! 

A few more costumes from the masquerade far left is Ariel, far right is Sailor Moon, but I'm not sure about the middle character.


Check out these Star Wars characters. I love a bit of Boba.

This last one isn't a costume it is what I decided to wear for the first day convention exploring. It is a 1970s blue St. Michael dress with a darker blue monsoon cardigan. I paired it with some thick woollen tights with a pair of brogues. I wonder if this dress would work well as part of an Alice costume...

Which one is your favourite?

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