Sunday, 22 December 2013

A trip to Canterbury

Just to warn you before we get started, this post has pictures from mid November. Just in case you were confused by how quickly my hair seemed to be growing!

Anywho, I forgot to post these pictures a little while ago, so I though I'd share them now. I took a trip to Canterbury with the in-laws, I've never been there before, but I felt it was probably worth a visit now I live in that neck of the woods.

I have to say I really like that old style architecture with tudor style cladding, white paint and beams. It is closer to the style of my home town that somewhere like Brighton is so I feel quite at home there. I think its probably why I like Tunbridge Wells so much too. 

Naturally, this post will have quite a few pictures:

Here is me and a wonky door...

I really liked the look of this bread shop, but I have to admit that I find the little robotic baker figure in the window a little bit scary.


Giant sweets...

My very best attempt at an arty shot...

Dare I say, that any town that has plastic Monks in the streets is asking for a little bit of horse play.

Of course in this city of great pilgrimage we couldn't not go to the cathedral. It was rather magnificent I must say. I've never seen such a big cathedral!

And here is what I decided to wear. It is a dress from M&S, late 80s/early 90s by my reckoning and it has a really cool tropical print to it which manages to brighten up a dull day. I wore it with my trusty black M&S coat and a vintage chunky knit cardigan, that you can't really see. This was the first day that it was cold enough to break out my Morlands boots too. I was told that they were from the 1960s, although it doesn't really matter to me, I was only really interested in the lovely fur lining and water proof suede. I've really struggled to find good warm boots for the winter, so hopefully these will be it!

Dress: M&S via eBay
Coat: M&S via eBay
Neck Scarf: Salvation Army
Boots: Morelands via eBay

Oh, we also went to Patisserie Valerie on the high street. I had an ice cream sunday - it was beautifully delicious!

One last picture of the lovely view of the cathedral all lit up.

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