Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas in a vintage green dress and red cardigan

Well I have finally finished work for the holidays and I am now feeling pretty festive. I thought I could let these feelings show with a festive themed outfit.

This green dress was an impulse purchase from a vintage stall at Pickering this year, it looks hand made from a vintage pattern but I have to say it fits like a dream, and the print us gorgeous! It is often quite hard to find a versatile green dress, but the colours of the flowers on this one, and the black colour that runs through the background means that it is very versatile.

Being christmassy, I decided to do a colour clash and wore a red cardigan that came from M&S via a charity shop.

Close up of the print:

I was also pretty pleased with how my hair turned out today. I usually use bendy rollers to set my hair but have found that this can be a bit extreme for this shorter length of hair. I've never really known what to do with pin curls though so I was starting to feel at a bit of a loss.

However Masters of Sex to the rescue yet again, in the latest episode there was a scene where the character Virginia has pin curls in her hair to set it over night. I made an attempt to memorise the set and had a go that very night! I don't have enough pin curl clips to do it properly, but I think I am convinced enough to buy a few more.

Lastly this coat was my find of the year in a charity shop! It is vintage, and probably from the 1930s or 1940s and an absolute steal for £25! It has a crepe lining and is really heavy and warm thank goodness. Even better than that - IT FITS!

Check out the detail on the collar? Its beautiful in real life.

Dress: Vintage stall at Pickering
Cardigan: M&S via charity shop
Coat: Vintage via charity shop
Gloves: Accessorise
Glasses: Lensway

My husband and I couldn't really buy and christmas decorations this year, so I learned how to make origami christmas trees :) I thought I'd share my best ones.

Lastly, I picked up a package from home today. How cute is the tag on this? How well they know me...

Are you all ready for Christmas?


  1. That dress was made for you! Looks great. Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you :) I do love a lucky find at a market.


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