Friday, 27 September 2013

Purple polka dots and victory rolls

Here's a little dress I inherited from my mum when I moved from Durham. It is made by East which is not a brand I am typically drawn too as I tend to find the styles a little... erm... nana-ish. However this dress is more of a vintage style, my mum got it to wear at Pickering and the North Yorkshire Railways vintage weekend last year and we are a similar size so after a little bit of badgering I was able to borrow it.

Dress: East
Shoes: Clarks

I have to admit when it comes to doing my hair I have always totally sucked at doing the two victory rolls on the top of my head. I used to get away with doing them asymetrically but symetrical ones were always impossible for me. Of course since having a fringe cut in I can't really ge away with the one big roll look and I'm having to learn to do a bit better. I used this tutorial from the Cherry Doll Face to give me a better idea on what I was doing (she has some really great videos by the way) and I think I am starting to get it a bit better.  


The secret to getting the volume seems to be the back combing and teasing so I decided to buy a teasing/smoothing brush similar to the one she uses in the videos. I have found that Batiste dry shampoo is a miracle worker too when I need to give my hair a bit more texture for a style.

Here's a slightly closer look. I still haven't managed to make the rolls meet on the top of my head, but hey maybe next time. I was pretty pleased with how these ones turned out!

What are your top tips for doing vintage hair?

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  1. The dress is lovely, a really pretty print. And your victory rolls look fab, much better than I ever manage! xx


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