Thursday, 19 September 2013

A pick-and-mix outfit inspired by Boden

Last year sometime, while I was still living at my parents house my mum was sent a little catalogue from Boden. Now Boden is a brand I have been aware of a while but I have never bought anything from them; although I do have a blouse and a dress I got from eBay. But the when I flicked through the catalogue I liked a couple of outfits. One that stuck in my mind was this:

I have to say I do love the colour mustard, in dresses and in knit wear, oh and tights, and although I like the blouse and jumper combo its not something I've been able to pull off very well. I already had a vintage skirt that was a little bit like the one above, it is wool and a bargain from a vintage bargain bin (and it fit!) so I was off to a good start. I have searched charity shops for months trying to find the right kind of shirt to pull of this look but I found that almost all long sleeves blouses have frilly or frumpy bits on the front. If I was a bit more flat chested I would have just worn a mans shirt but I couldn't really get away with it.

Eventually I found one! In Oxfam in Tunbridge Wells and I found a mustard jumper too, it was like fate. Here's my take on the outfit:

And striking a similar pose as the model, natch...

Skirt: Ark vintage sale
Shirt: Oxfam
Jumper: Primark via charity shop
Brogues: Clarks

I thought I'd update you a little on my hair too as I have been trying lately to get a bit more creative with it. Here I wore a little beehive, using some Batiste XXL powder (thank you BzzAgent its awesome!) and my teasing/smoothing brush to give it a little more volume.

What do you think?

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