Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dr Whitwood I presume...

Well hello everyone! It's been a little while. With good reason I'd like to hope, I have spent the last few weeks prepping for my PhD viva which was this month.

The viva is the final hurdle of the PhD where examiners read your thesis and point out all of the mistakes and quiz you on what, how and why you did what you did. I spent most of the last 4 months terrified of this event but when it came to the day I was pretty nervous, but somehow not as bad as I expected.

My PhD has been very draining mentally and emotionally and as the culmination of 4 years hard work the viva is simply a daunting prospect.

Anyhow, I have good news! I passed! The dream is realised an I am going to be able to call myself doctor *big happy face*.

I got a pass with minor corrections so I need to rework a paragraph here or there and adding a couple of extra figures to my intro. It was a better result than I dared hope.

Deciding on what to wear on such a day was an absolute nightmare but I thought I wanted to feel comfortable and confident so I decided on a black dress from Monsoon, it has a swishy skirt and lace around the collar and shoulders.

I wore my hair down during the day, but for going out celebrating I put it up into a 60s inspired beehive.

I know this is a fairly short post, but I hope to see you more often now!

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  1. Omgsh, congratulations! That's like, so freaking awesome! :)


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