Friday, 3 May 2013

Vintage: A Vintage American Clip Hat and a Rainy Day Outfit

What a mess the weather has been, many weeks of drab, then one day of sun, then more drab. I'm so fed up with the coats and to boots, I'm ready for a bit of change. Thing is, the weather is not ready to allow me to do this.

Anywho, for an early trip into town to post off some eBay goodies (postage has become incredibly expensive by the way!) I decided to wear a favourite little hat of mine. It is a vintage clip hat from the US and it doesn't need hat pins of anything so it is lovely and versatile. I love the cute bow on the front, however the fabric is a soft velvet that I'm fairly sure wouldn't stand up to the rain.

Even the inside is beautiful!

So since the weather is so rubbish I needed a giant umbrella to make sure that my hat was not ruined by the rain. This umbrella has been featured on this blog before but that doesn't stop it being awesome! 

And finally here is the rest of the outfit, it is a green pleated double layer sheer skirt (with no labels), a black jumper from Wallis and an M&S rain coat. The coat has a hood, but that would have squished my hat :(

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