Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cosplay Sightings: Somebody Stop Him - The Mask

Here is something delightful and fun I spotted on the way home from work in Newcastle!

A pair of buskers playing an eclectic fusion of a bongo and bag-pipes. Surprisingly it seemed to work, although it was very loud.

What interested me in this pair was the rather fantastic effort of the bongo player - he was dressed as The Mask from the Jim Carey movie of the same name. A slightly strange choice as i believe the mask danced at the Coco-Bongo Club rather than playing bongos, but still it impressed me.

Incidentally the scene where he dances with Cameron Diaz is one of the films I attribute my desperation to learn lindy to (that and Back to the Future part 1). Here's a clip of the fantastic scene for anyone who hasn't seen it.

The dance itself was also mimicked by Helio and Julianne in the final of Dancing With The Stars season 5 - a rather nice quickstep I believe.

I have to say that although there isn't much in the way of inspiration for ladies fashion, that yellow zoot suit has got to be an inspiration for the men. It really is iconic!

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