Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cosplay Costume: MCM Expo - Victoria Hand

Just a quick update this time, on the weekend of the 27-29th I attended the MCM Expo, or London's comic con (http://www.londonexpo.com/), as a commentator on the Cosplay for Den of Geek (article pending... hopefully...)

I only became aware I was attending a few days before the event, and didn't have time to put together an elaborate costume fitting with the event (it was the location of the EuropeanCosplay Qualifiers!) but I had recently had my hair dyed in a somewhat unusual manner.

Luckly for me there was an obscure Marvel character that had similar hair and dressed in the type of clothes I just happen to own! All I needed was a fake pair of glasses and I was ready!

Victoria Hand is a minor character in the Dark Avengers series (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Hand) and her main looks are buisiness attire (shirts, pencil skirts etc.), glasses, and a red streak in the front of her hair.

Not a difficult look to re-create when you already have the hair!

I wore a simple pinafore dress in black, with a red shirt, seamed tights and carried my satchel like a bried case.
The glasses came from a lovely pair of reading glasses I obtained from Primark and removed the lenses from.

I would like to think that my press pass helped rather than hindered the outfit :D

Makeup was simple, a strong eyeliner above the eye and red vampy lips,  not much different to usual really :D

Anyway, that's it for this post!

See you soon for more Dresscapades :)

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