Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cosplay Costume: Bellatrix LeStrange at the London Film and Comic Con

So my latest Dresscapade was a little bit of a rush-job...

I recieved a pass to the London Film and Comic Con on behalf of Den of Geek (my article on the MCMexpo can be found at here)

However, the notice was a little short and I was moving house! So the task was to assemble a costume in 5 days ready for the weekend!

The Con took place over the weekend 8th-10th of July and was running a strong Harry Potter theme with the release of the last installment of the movies imminent, so it seemed like a good choice for a costume quickie. My fiance was helpful in suggesting Bellatrix LeStrange as someone who i could attempt and the hair, style, makeup and the fact i had some appropriate clothing items already it made it seem like a good choice.

Bella's look is retro Goth-chic

For hair and makeup I went for a slightly toned down look, but only because I dont have that much hair and I didn't have time to find a wig.
I thought the streak in my hair was okay as in some of the promotional shots Bella has a light streak at the front of her hair, but this look is a little inconsistent.

Make up was simple, pale face with a light coat of white facepaint, dark lined eyes and a touch of dark shading under the cheekbones to attempt to match Helena Bonham Carters rather fantastic face.

For the rest of the outfit black was clearly the way to go! I had a sheer 80s blouse and long gloves that were the right sort of theme, I bought a long skirt from a charity shop and a black lacy shawl that I wrapped around my waist and a big belt that was as close to her waspie as I could muster at the last minute.

There are two things I regret about this outfit one is that I didn't have time to sew the sleves on the gloves and the other is that I didn't wear my victoriana boots (at the time I thought 3.5inch heels for an all day conference was not a wise idea)

Overall I was fairly pleased with the look, although with only a little bit of time to finish things off and a lot of time to grow my hair it could potentially be an excellent costume.

Oh well, if anyone wants to throw a Harry Potter costume party send me an invite and I'll prepare an amazing costume! (Honest!)

The event was distinctly Harry Potter themed with an interesting pannel featuring some of the Hogwards kids and a small set display with some items from the castle I couldn't resist having a picture taken with a cauldren :D

Thats it for now! More dresscapades later!

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