Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cosplay Costume: Halloween Part I - Sally form 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

So Halloween has now been and gone. Sad times...

But it was good times for the whole weekend from the 29th until the 1st. What I will say for sure is that you're never stuck for things to do, or for an excuse to dress up in Brighton! But being a conservative sort of person I decided to limit myself to just two costumes this year.

This is the story of the first :)

I recently began my third year of work in Brighton and each Halloween my institute has a Halloween party. I made the sad judgement in my first year of not dressing up, and in my second year I could not attend, so this year I decided to go all out!

I needed something Halloween themed and somewhat family/work friendly as to not embarrass myself too much ;) and I have been a fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas for a long time now so I thought dressing as Sally the Ragdoll from this film would be a good choice of outfit.

As usual I checked the ol' eBay for costuming possibilities and found what looked like a good costume for £35. "Thats a LOT" I imagine you saying, and I guess for one night of fancy dress perhaps it is.


I have a rolling costume wardrobe, where I place items and costumes I have made, bought, assembled and customised and sell them on eBay. This way I have a 'slush fund' for purchases of new costumes.

One of the latest costumes to be sold in order to add to the slush fund was Jessica Rabbit that I used for my 80s themed birthday party (more on that in another post) I sold that costume for £37!
This way I even has £2 left over to put towards postage of the sally costume. However there are always unforseen extras...

Before I go into the detail, here is the costume! I know you've been dying to see it!

Costume composition:
Dress and wig came as part of the costume £35

My arms and legs were covered by two pairs of tights, one with a hole cut in the legs so my head could fit through (£4) I then drew the seams onto them using a black permanent marker (I know this seems extreme, but I can't reccommend Lush's Sugar Scrubs and cleanser Ultra Bland enough for removing pen and body paint)

Lastly and probably the biggest challenge was the face make up.

I started with a simple base of moisturised skin, then covered my face, ears and neck in a wash of Snazaroo in Turquoise. Snazaroo is great facepaint, and available in many colours for really cheap and one pot lasts a long time.

I then used a blue eyeshadow on my eyes and lined my eyes in thick gel eyeliner by MAC. I find this is great for drawing on your face as you get excellent precision, on a side note, although the MAC brushes are very nice they are quite expensive so I would advise getting a special one just for facepainting if you are going to do this sort of thing a lot.

I topped the face makeup off by defining my eyebrows with a black pencil, applying a very dark red lipstick and drawing the seams again in the liquid liner.

All in all a very effective look to this costume...

Total Cost:
£35 dress/wig
£4 tights
£2.50 face paint
(-£37 from eBay fund ;D )
 = £4.50

Not too bad! Any comments or criticisms would be appreciated :)

Fancy Dresscapades will return in
Halloween Part II

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