Friday, 22 October 2010

Cosplay Crafting: New gloves and Selene from "Underworld"

Hello again!

I thought I'd mention a little about my progress as I have a week to go now, things are coming along fairly well, I have accumulated lots of pieces and have my Sally outfit now finished but I'll comment on that during my next post.

As for the black cat things are a little more tricky! But are coming along, if slowly...
The basis of this costume is the catsuit, obviously, which is black and PVC- I had this already form Halloween last year and a previous visit to Trailer Trash at Komedia (!/group.php?gid=52781126866) for which I had free tickets after winning the "Comic Book Heroes" costume competition dressed as:
But that's another story.

The theme this time was Vampire vs. Zombie movies so I chose to go as Selene from Underworld:
The overall effect was messy hair, black catsuit, blue contacts, 'biker' boots, trench coat and a toy gun!

Sadly I'm not as glamourous as Kate Bekinsale in this in this role...

But the overall effect was hopefully okay...

I compiled a  plain black catsuit from eBay (£18) with some boots I already owned, I added a corset over the top to exaggerate my waist a little and to make the suit look a little more like the bodice she wears in the movie.

My coat (not shown) was from eBay (£7).

My hair had been in plaits to give it that messy crimpy look and I painted my face very lightly with white 'Snazeroo' (£2.49 eBay) to make my face paler and added the contact lenses (£20 for 1 month disposable from Brighton North Laines) to make my eyes blue and the irises a little bigger.

Finally the toy gun was from a barrow at a market in County Durham!

All in all this costume was around £40 in new purchases, which I think is about average for a fairly good bought costume. I don't really feel like just buying a costume is the best way of compiling a fancy dress outfit, but i like to think buying good key pieces and mixing them with things you own or can make is the best way of making your outfit as authentic as possible.

On a side note, I have also done more barginous costumes for as little as £10 buy buying a few small additions to my normal wardrobe and some, perhaps creative is the best way to describe it, fashion choices (in addition to my nerves of steel!)

I did however get my picture in the Brighton local culture magazine "You Got Papped" at this event!

Fairly menacing I think...

So back to the Black Cat.

In addition to the catsuit she has fur trimmings on her gloves, boots and collar which I have been slowly but steadily sewing in place (bought from a fabric shop in the North Laines for £4).

I have also decided to paint the mask in place as it is impossible to find one that is the right shape!

I still have no idea where to find white hair paint.

Thats all for now folks! And with just over a week to go I hope you're feeling prepared...
I'll post on the Sally progress next time.

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