Friday, 15 October 2010

Cosplay Inspiration: Halloween Preperation 2010

Has anyone else felt the creeping feeling of Halloween approaching? (And I'm not refering to the ghouls and goblins!) I guess a lot of people don't get this feeling until around the 25th of October when they realise they have a party to go to but no costume. I started to get this feeling towards the end of August...

As you've probably guessed from this blog title, I like fancy dress! This years Halloween I'm attending two events that require a costume and I've managed to get a little bit of a reputation with some of my friends as a bit of an all-outer when it comes to costumes.

The idea of this blog is to chronicle some of the accumulation of items for my ongoing costume adventures (up to Halloween and beyond) and to give some insight into the looks I've sported in the past.

Its not really meant to be a how too guide, I don't really sew or anything, but I want to mention a litle about how I put my costumes together and what sort of places are best for finding handy outfit additions.

Hopefully it may also inspire some people to have a little more fun with costuming!


I thought I'd start by spilling the beans on my plans for Halloween...

My to events are:
1)     Work Halloween Party
         Requires: Something not too radical, but festive
         Choice: Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

2)      80s Goth/Electro/Alt Night
         Requires: Something black, a bit festive, possibly a little fetish ;)
         Choice: Black Cat from Spiderman

Sally is a new costume and the Black Cat is a modification of an old one that involves sewing white fur to a black catsuit (fun! given that I have no/can't use a sewing machine)

Here are some pictures of what I'm aiming for:
Black Cat


I'll post on their progress shortly!

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