Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cosplay Costume: Halloween Part II - The Black Cat (from Spiderman)

Halloween part II is dedicated to the costume for my second outing of this years Halloween.

This costume required more work than the last and had been in the pipeline for a few months, it was based on the character of the Black Cat from Spiderman. I chose to wear it for a special Halloween event called 'Subterfuge' and was a mashup of 80s alt anthems and the modern equivalent. Some how the white fur trimmed black catsuit seemed very appropriate.

As I have explained before I previously had the catsuit and have spent the last two weeks sewing the fur trim onto it and to my black gloves.

Once I had the suit made I bought white spray in hair colour by Lee Stafford ( and of course I only could get my hands on one can as it was Halloween... :( £3.99

I then drew the mask on my face in eyelines and added false eyelashes to give them a little more definition, and added red lips just to increase the vamp factor.

Here is the completed look!

Total cost:
Catsuit -already owned (originally £18 from eBay)
White fur fabric £2 for an offcut
Black gloves £5
White Hair Spray £3.99

Let me know if yo uhave any comments or opinions!

I expect the next post wil be a retrospective on one of my past costumes...

See you soon!


  1. im actually working on this costume for the avengers movie. i thought i could get a catsuit and alternate accessories so i can do black cat and black widow.

    just wondering what size you are, if you dont mind saying. i am a voluptuous girl and im just a bit nervous as to how a catsuit would look on my body...

    1. Hi there, it's a good idea :) I've worn this one for 4 different costumes so far. I will definitely do black widow eventually!

      Any who, I'm a fairly curvy girl at a size 12-14 (depending on the shop). I'm about a large 12 for this post and more of a 14 on my Catwoman post. I'd say more than anything, some good foundation underwear makes a huge difference! Anything to emphasise that comic book waist! So definitely think about that too.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Hello, great costume!
    Greetings from Mexico :)


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