Friday, 20 February 2015

Giveaway and Review! Hair colour transformation with Vidal Sassoon Salonist

So lately I have been complaining a lot about my badger hair, by that I mean the grey patches at the top and sides, and I have finally decided to do something about it.

The decision to change was brought on as I was selected by Savvy Circle to try out Vidal Sassoon's new hair colour Salonist (you've probably seen it advertised on the TV quite a bit lately).

So here is s sneek peek, but all I have to say first is what a change!! 

I was really excited to try out Salonist. I've never experienced a hair dye quite like this, the trick is that it is a two step process where you apply with a brush at the roots first and then add a serum to the colour mixture to colour the lengths of the hair.

I used the medium intense red (5/45.2) but with my hair being quite dark I wasn't expecting a super bright red, but I was after a deep auburn. 

Savvy Circle also sent me a VS towel
I actually had some concerns about the whole roots then lengths part as I though it would end up multi coloured but I was really pleased to see that it didn't at all. The only place where I got some colour variation was on my grey where the red was much brighter, but that's to be expected when you have your white in badger patches. I'm sure this would give a great natural highlight effect if you have grey all over, which I don't.

Not that I have enough grey for it to be a problem.

Badger hair, or rogue from X-men hair?

Here is a quick glamourous selfie while I was waiting for the dye to take. I was really pleased that it wasn't drippy at all, although I did find the colour around my skin to be a bit alarming, however this washed away no problem.

After 30 minutes I washed out the dye, I did find that this took a while, but I have a lot of hair. The whole process from start to finish was around an hour and 15 minutes which included a 30 minute waiting time, a conditioning treatment and rinsing time.

I then let my hair dry a little and put it up into a lazy wet set, and the best part was that there was no colour bleed onto my pillow over night! Phew!

But more than anything else, the best part of the whole process, was taking out my wet set and finding my hair looking like this: 

I think I managed to get my deep auburn colour. I'm super happy with it.

So I am only just in the second week of my freshly dyed hair so I will have to up date you as time goes on but so far I am impressed!

Now over to you lot! Would you like to have a go at dying your hair with Salonist? Savvy Circle sent me three additional shades to give away and you could win the shade of your choice.

Here are the three colours I have on offer:

Darkest Intense Violet 3/66.2
Light Neutral Brown 6/0
Medium Neutral Blonde 8/0

If you would like to win you need to:

  • Enter your details in the Rafflecopter below.
  • You must submit your colour choice in the comments below too.
I will draw a winner at random that will get their first choice of colour, then draw further winners until all colours are selected. Open world wide although our post is super slow :(

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. That color looks really good on you! I've seen the commercials and wonder how well it worked! Now I know!

  2. The neutral brown, I quite fancy a lighter shade for spring!

  3. intense violet looks an awesome shade

  4. Hi ! Very nice color, there isn't this product in France :/ !
    I color my hair too, but I try the product "oro therapy" color 6.606, it's very nice too ;)
    .. sorry for my english !

    See you soon =>

  5. I haven't tried this variation of Vidal Sassoon. I tried their London Lilac, but not anything else.


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