Monday, 5 January 2015

The problem with vintage reproduction tartan circle skirts...

Or should I say my problem with vintage reproduction tartan circle skirts... is that I have too many.


I have always loved tartan (I think its something to do with growing up close to the Scottish border, or and being and 8th Scottish) its so wintery and cosy. I also love the fact that tartan comes in a range of fabrics now, not just the heavy, dense, wool of old but in warm but movable flannel and many other light weight fabrics.

At last count I have 7 tartan skirts, although one is a pencil skirt and two are box pleats that are currently sitting in my for ebay stash, but that still leaves 4. One of these skirts is true vintage and I found it in a charity shop (yes!) and I will show you that one later in the winter. But the other three are vintage reproduction from Vivien of Holloway and cost £45 (although I must warn you they are sold out in many of the larger sizes i.e. 16+).

I am showcasing two today as I bought the third one with m christmas money and am still waiting for it to arrive so I can take pictures, but it is very similar to these two only it is blue and green (swoon!).

Here is the first one, it is mostly blue with a red and white tartan stripe. Blue and red are my favourite colours so this skirt was an instant winner for me.

The circle skirt itself is amazing, it has such a large amount of fabric that you really feel like you are getting a lot of skirt for your money (£45).

The amount of fabric also means you can do this:

The second one is a red tartan which is a more traditional and stereotypical colouring. I actually don't have any red skirts so that was the driving force in my decision to get this skirt.

Skirts: Vivien of Holloway
Jumpers: Vintage
Boots: Doc Martens
Hat: Accessorize
Scarf: Thrifted
Coat: Vintage Laura Ashley riding coat 

I have every confidence that the blue and green skirt will be brilliant too and I promise I will show you once it arrives!


  1. One can never have too much of a good thing, sweet gal, and that definitely applies to fab repro circle skirts like these. I don't have any plaid/tartan ones myself, but gosh, are you making me pine for one something fierce. On to the vintage wardrobe wishlist one goes! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I've been on a terrible shopping binge for tartan and in a circle skirt it is simply the perfect combination. I wouldn't normally be so flash with the cash, but I've been after something like this for years so I thought I'd take advantage while they had them.

  2. I have a teal & black VoH circle skirt, and I love it! I just wish I could wear it with my fluffy, flouncy VoH petticoat more often - but I don't think that would be so practical at work! Before I get any more though, I really must find a good seamstress as I find them a little long for my preferences.

    1. I wonder if you asked Vivien of Holloway they would be able to take one up for you? They're all made in the UK so it might be worth asking?
      Did you get your petticoat from VoH? I've been looking for one but I am finding most of them to be a bit short.


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