Friday, 23 January 2015

A rockabilly Wonder Woman skirt for Underwire festival

A while back I was asked to be a speaker at a small film festival in London. It was part of the Underwire festival, celebrating all things to do with women in the film industry. As part of the festival they had a panel discussing the issue of women in superhero films.

I was really surprised to be asked to take part, but the invite was largely due to my work writing for Den of Geek about women in comics.

I haven't written anything specific on this for a while (largely because I've not had as much budget to spend on comics as I once did) but it was still a lot of fun swatting up for the panel.

I thought it would be quite interesting if I wore something superhero inspired for the panel and I decided to take this opportunity to make a ridiculously girly Wonder Woman inspired skirt.

I also hadn't ever made a full circle skirt before so this was a really fun project to practice on. I used this McColl's pattern which is a little annoyingly stereotypical but is actually so easy to sew and in a more solid fabric minus a poodle. 

Look at how big the skirt is!!!

And here is a picture of me at the panel, feeling a bit like a celebrity... I was so nervous during this it was unreal. But it was really a lot of fun!

Skirt: Home made
Belt: ebay
Blouse: Next
Shoes: Clarks 


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