Friday, 30 May 2014

A Visit to Nymans House and Gardens

This time of year is lovely because there are so many bank holidays. I do wonder if we wouldn't get a bit more benefit from them if they were a little more spread out rather than in a clump through April and May, but you know, its nice to get an extra day off and know there is another on the way.

Now that my husband and I have a car in Kent we are taking the opportunity to try and explore the area.

One place we went to visit was Nymans house and gardens, a national trust property nearby.  It is a beautiful house and gardens that is a little unique. The house itself was very badly damaged by a fire so many of the rooms are preserved or restored while others are in ruins. It makes it a very strange mix thats filled with history.

I was particularly interested in the story of Anne Messel one of the Ladies of the house back in the 1920s. She was one of the original Bright Young Things. In fact her hair style was features in an article on how Ladies should wear their hair.

Anne's hair was number 2 (I think mine is more of a 7...):

Some of the restored rooms were amazing, and there were SO MANY BOOKS! One day I would love to have a room with a whole wall of books. Mine would probably be a little bit more colourful, what with all the comic books, but you know... a girl can dream.

Oh yeah, and I couldn't resist a selfie in the big old hall way mirror... I tag this one #yeoldselfie

Then we had a picnic and went for a little frolicking around the gardens. I wore a tea dress from East that I got in a charity shop and a chunky yellow cardigan.

Do you have any recommendations of places to visit in Kent and Sussex? My husband and I need places to visit :)

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