Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hair and Beauty: New hair...

Just a quick post today - I have new hair!

I was getting tired of the old blonde streak and thought I'd go for something different. The constant roots maintenance was a pain and the damage it was doing to my hair was not great either so I decided to go back to a more brunette shade.

With regards to colour, I didn't have a lot of choice. I needed to go with something reddish to counteract the blonde. I am probably going to go back to the plummby tones of my past in a little while though but for now I have a red tinge.

My new do is partially inspired by 1960s comic icon Gwen Stacy - she had a fringe and sleek sides. But it is also partially inspired by Zooey Deschanel in the movie 500 Days of Summer (a film that deeply influenced some aspects of my life but that is a tale for another time). Now I could have a whole post about her as I think her style is awesome but ill hush on that matter for now.

I am, however, dreading the day when I attempt to curl it. I've not had a fringe in such a long time I'm not sure how to make it work. On the plus side it is much closer to the one-length type pf style you need for doing rolls so maybe it will be easier than I think. We'll see.

Oh yes, and if you like the plaid dress it was from last seasons Monsoon sale, I teamed it with a long sleeved t-shirt from Gap (that I've had over 10 years) to keep me warm and a pair of fleece lined Doc Marten's for walking in the snow.

The only problem Is that now I am going to have to update my blog logo, although it is probably about time to be honest.

Anyone out there changed your look lately?


  1. I love that hair colour. I want to stop permanently dying my hair, and move to a veg-rinse. Unfortunately this change of brand coincides with buying a load of clip in extensions, so I foresee a lot of experimentation to get the colour a decent match (I like to swap between long and short daily, never mind occasionally!).

    1. I have thought about clip in extensions, are they any good?

  2. Awh, it looks lovely! You look abit like Christina Hendricks! Which is never a bad thing. And outfit's awesome too. :)

    Good Morning Angel.

    1. Really?! That is a compliment I can definitely take! Not sure I can see it, but thanks so much.

  3. Very pretty! :)

    The Fictionista

  4. Your new hair looks lovely, especially the fringe! I got my hair cut to almost the same length (possibly on the same day as you - spooooky!)
    Oh, and I totally forgot to give you your Christmas presents, woops - looks like it's going to be a mega-haul for your birthday!

    1. Oh really? What made you decide to go for the chop? And yes, I'll have to give you a mega-haul too. Although there's nothing wring with that!


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