Monday, 1 October 2012

Cosplay Review: Lions and Tigers and Tabby Cats, Oh my! - Kigurumi Suits and Animal Costumes

Hey there everyone! I'm finally back, and what a summer it's been. I have lots and lots of weird and wonderful things to share with you all, but don’t worry, I’ll be doing it a little at a time.

Anywho, I have something a little but silly to get started with.

Last year I wrote about the MCM Expo in London and this event is huge, not only for cosplayers, but also for costume and fancy dress novices alike.

One type of simple and fun costume that I keep seeing more and more off at these types of events, and occasionally on the high street is the kigurumi suit.

The kigurumi suit, affectionately referred to by my friend Ms.Doherty as a ‘giant baby-grow’ and often also referred to as a ‘onesie’, has grown in popularity and seems to be worn by vast numbers of people attending festivals, going on stag or occasionally hen dos or even for lounging about in the house.

In fact back at Christmas last year, I saw a Superman suit hanging next to a Santa suit in the high street ‘mecca’ that is Primark!

Well, I had to know what the fuss was about… and lets face it, when writing a thesis, what could possibly be more useful than a fleecy one-piece suit to wear while snuggled up writing in the house?

Yes, I know, I have shattered all of your glamorous illusions now haven’t I?

So, where to buy my suit? Well, I managed to find a website called Animal Costume Shop – a site with so many kigurumi suits shaped like so many animals my mind was a little bit boggled.

After much deliberation I decided to go with the grey tabby cat, mostly because it looked quite a bit like my very own tabby cat - impeccable logic.

When it arrived it was wrapped up in a little packet, its little eyes and ears looking out of the wrapper.

The fabric is a sort of fleece, but its not too fluffy, so its warm but not too hot. The sizing was not the most flattering fit I have ever encountered, I am a person that is used to something fitted around the waist, so having something so baggy was a bit of an adjustment but I have to say, it was pretty comfortable!

My only problem with the fit was that the size L which was the main option available on the website was a little long in the body for me so I ended up with a sort of droop crotch kind of effect… and hopefully I will never have to use that phrase again!

If I am completely honest, I did feel a little silly while wearing it sometimes, and I was terrified I’d have to answer the door for someone to catch me wearing it. But for those wanting to wear it as a costume, I would definitely advise wearing something underneath as the white section could get a little see through in bright light.

I think they make great lounge suits, and are great for people looking for silly costumes for events, or even Halloween! There is also a range specifically for children that I would definitely recommend, I saw a kid in town dressed as a cow a few weeks ago it was adorable!

Oh and just for you guys, here’s a few more silly pictures!

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