Monday, 29 October 2012

Cosplay Costume: Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood

This weekend began the Halloween celebrations began. Being a fancy dress fan Halloween comes as an opportunity for me to share my love of costumes with those close to me.

My friend Philippa was having a Halloween house party, several of my friends from work were going and Philippa was nice enough to let me bring my husband along too.

I have wanted to dress a Sookie Stack house for some time now but haven't, partly because there hasn't been an appropriate event, but also because I was a bit to large to fit into my denim shorts...

Luckily for me the party was at the perfect time and taking up running meant that those shorts were a good fit again.

The key to Sookie's look is the blonde hair, pale pink lip, a summer dress or her Merlotte's bar work uniform. I decided to go for the more iconic outfit and invested in a t-shirt and apron that were branded Merlotte's Bar and Grill. These came as a set from eBay and I was pretty pleased with them, being very picky I'd say the logo on the top was a little too big but all in all it worked out really well.

Here's Sookie's look:

My friend Sam asked me whether I was going to try and replicate Anna Paquin's trademark gap tooth look which I'll admit I had completely forgotten about until then. But after some careful online research I became aware of 'tooth wax'. It cost me £1.49 for a huge pot so hopefully it won't dry out in case I need to wear it again.

Overall it was a very comfortable way to spend an evening, even the wig lasted well which was a big surprise to me as it was snowed on earlier in the evening.

Mr Fancy dressed as Bill Compton (yey couples costume!) but that pretty much involved him wearing his work clothes and some pale face paint... Mostly because I forgot to pick up some fangs for him :(

The party guests totally excelled themselves! We had a zombie Mona Lisa, Mario and Luigi  an ewok, Princess Diana and so many more! It was really excellent work by all who attended.


  1. I actually love this! True Blood's one of my guilty telly pleasures, you got it down to a tee! xxx

    1. Thanks a lot :D I really enjoyed putting it together, it was so much fun!


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