Thursday, 28 June 2012

Olympic Colours for the Olympic Torch

Well hello there!

I’m back from a short break with a post about a torch and a scarf – the Olympic torch and the official Paralympics scarf of team GB to be precise.

The scarf itself is from Next and is part of their official Team GB line and I was lucky enough to be sent the scarf to check out by the Next team.

There are two styles of scarf available - the Olympic version and the Paralympics version. I was rather pleased to receive the Paralympics version as I preferred the colours, and being someone who has struggled occasionally with mobility, I appreciate the spirit of making sports available for all.

I started off simply styling the scarf with a simple neck tie, but I needed to change this after going for a walk outside and getting caught in a downpour. I thought the second style was a little Grany-ish but hey, I’m down with that.

For my second styling attempt I wore it as a head-scarf wrapped around hair rolls.

But more importantly than that I ventured out into the Durham rain to see the Olympic Torch pass through the city of Durham.

I wore the scarf as a cape, because I like capes, but also because it really showed the colours.

The Torch Relay itself was really fun, the sponsorship busses and police escorts really got the crowd excited so when the torch did pass through everyone was really excited. I even caught a few snaps of some people out on the town in fancy dress!

Its probably fair to suggest that there will be a few more red, white and blue outfit posts in the run up to the Olympics.

But until then…

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