Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello to Durham

I though as I did a small photo based post about leaving Brighton I thought I'd do something similar for the city I now live in - Durham.

Durham is a World Heritage Site famous for its snaking river, cathedral and castle. It is a very small city with lots of trees and greenery by the river bank.

It has very old architecture and is also home to Durham University. It is a fairly quiet city, but its only 10 minutes away from Newcastle and its nightlife by train (also I'l be working in Newcastle for the foreseeable future).

Durham only has three main shopping streets, a huge amount of cobbles, and not that many high-street shops, although it has enough to get by.

However it also has a good selection of quirky boutiques, charity shops for thrifting, an indoor market for home bargains and a regular market in the city square with vintage dealers, local food produce and crafts - like Wickham Cottage Crafts who make cute and kitch home decorations.

It's a totally different type of place to Brighton - lets see what kind of adventures I get up to here!

(I attended Judy's Vintage fair last weekend so I'll be posting on that soon!)


  1. Welcome home to the North East hinny!

  2. Sounds a great location. 10 minutes from a big city but quiet and pretty? Perfect!

  3. Looks and sounds right up my street. I'd love to visit all those charity shops


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