Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cosplay Inspiratons: Canaries, Cats and Cosplay

Hello readers!
So its been a little while since last I updated, with work *yawn* commitments, family commitments and various other, erm, commitments… lets just say August was a tough month.

But enough about that, it is now September which means one thing:

Halloween is the one time of year when the ghouls and goblins come out, but also the cats, witches, nurses and cowboys it is arguably the only time of year when everyone feels okay to go out and wear a costume. As such, to those of us who are enthusiasts for a bit of costuming it’s a big event.

Added to this is that the European Cosplay Championship finals are taking place at Octobers (28-30th) MCM Expo in London! Although I’m not entering (I am no where near that standard, and since I don't make the costumes myself I don't consider myself a Cosplayer) I will be attending the Expo and I am hoping to report on the event like I did for the qualifiers held in May this year (Article...).

The MCM Expo is probably the lead event in the country for Cosplayers and the last time I attended my costume was a somewhat safe choice as I wasn’t sure what to expect. This time I am planning something a bit more out there:
The Black Canary

Black Canary

Canary Yellow Hair

Black Canary is a popular character from DC Comics Birds of Prey (an excellent series BTW, especially those written by Gail Simone). Her costume comprises of a black body suit, cropped jacket, fishnets, boots and a blonde wig, and just so you know I’ve already bought the wig ;)

I think this costume is fairly simple, but should be quite effective especially for a crowd of geeks and comics fans. I’ll update on how the costume comes along later.

Now for Halloween specifically, I have chosen something a little more in keeping with the theme and am going to dress as Catwoman. I know Catwoman isn’t the most original outfit, but hey, I already had the catsuit!

Obviously there are many guises and variations on Selina Kyle, and I have chosen to go with a retro 60s Batman version in the style of Julie Newmar. This is mainly in honour of Anne Hathaway’s styling in the released photos for 'The Dark Knight Rises' as the long hair and eye mask seem to be closer to the 60s version than the goggles and pixie crop of the current comic incarnation.
Julie Newmar's catwoman-yes I'm on a diet now...

This costume compromises of the catsuit, whip, cat ears, eye mask, and of course incrediably 60s hair. I anticipate the hair to be quite a challenge, but I have 6 weeks to practice so hopefully on the day it will look great.

Now who has a Halloween party for me to wear it to?!

I’m plotting a few articles for the up-and-coming  month of fancy dress, including my top tips to choosing and compiling a costume!

That’s it for now.
Happy Dresscapades!

(P.s. All images belong to their respective owners)

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  1. Can't wait to see your Black Canary! I expect it'll be fantastic. And good luck with the fabulous hair!


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