Friday, 22 November 2013

A Pearl Lowe dress, and a pre-haircut photo

Just a quick post today. A little while ago I won a competition to have my hair cut at vintage specialists; Rockalily Cuts in London. I've wanted to have my hair cut there for a while now so this is really an exciting prize for me. I have had a long hard think about what I want doing with my hair and I think I have a rough plan, but I will have a chat with the stylists so that I can get the most out of this opportunity!

Anywho, since the big day is tomorrow I thought I'd post a simple Daily Dresscapade showing the current state of my hair. In all its drab glory. I did this post on a particularly uninspired day and at about 7pm after riging my bike to and from work and just generally getting a bit dishevelled :S

Don't judge me to harshly :(

My outfit isn't too bad though. It is a standard tea dress and chunky vintage cardigan combo that I am so fond of. The dress is by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks, and I got it off ebay before the prices went a bit mental after Peacocks closed most of their shops. I really love their dresses, but it is quite hard to get hold of one for under £20 these days. My advise if you ever see one in a second hand shop would be to get it even if you're not too sure as their resale value is crazy! 

I think the bright roses on the dark background are a lovely contrast and give a very English rose feel despite being wintery.

Here it is without the cardigan:

Oh, and the hair... My fringe is in this rubbish in/out stage and the back needs some serious work to get rid of the drab. You have your work cut out for you Rockalily.

This is very much a 'before picture' hopefully I'll be able to post the after shot this weekend and be able to be proud of my hair.

Wish me luck everyone!

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