Monday, 4 February 2013

My Wedding First Dance

It has taken a little while to build up the courage to do this post as it meant putting my wedding dance video on YouTube. If you've ever looked on YouTube for wedding dance videos you'll know they are vast and wide in abundance so it's a little bit intimidating adding your very own to that terrifying list of videos.

When it cane to the dance I felt it was the part of the wedding that best represented Mr. Fancy and I as a couple (at least it definitely represents the different aspects of my blog!). We chose the song a long time ago as it was something we immediately knew was right for us - Spider-man Theme by Michael BublĂ©.

I have often struggled to reconcile the non-work aspects of my life, my love of geekery and my love of swing dance, retro and vintage fashion so a big band swing version of a very famous super heroes theme seemed spot on. My husband is a stupidly big fan I Spider-man too so he appreciated the song just as much as me.

Now with regards to the dance itself it is mainly a relaxed lindy hop. It was completely free-style meaning there was no choreography and it was completely led by Mr. Fancy. This is something I am immensely proud of him for. I have been dancing a fairly long time and he has picked up the odd lesson here or there but he has rarely danced in public so to do something this big was a huge deal for me and him.

Anyway, enough blabber... here it is:

I just love how the dress moves when he turns me :)
I should also say a thank you to Lizzie at Sussex Swing for teaching me how to lindy hop. If she can teach me, she can teach anyone.


  1. Oh wow Jennie! That was amazing and your dress looks lovely as you were twirling around.


  2. This is ridiculously lovely/adorable :) glad you put it up!

  3. Aw this this wonderful! Don't you look beautiful. xxx

  4. Amazing!! My other half is super bummed he didn't think of this first though :)


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