Saturday, 10 November 2012

Vintage Outfit: Wearing White in Winter

Todays dresscapade is an outfit I wore for a date with Mr. Fancy. We wandered into Durham on a frosty day and picked up some ingredients for a delicious evening dinner.

The outfit is a little bit of rebellion to the idea that you can't wear pale colours in winter - what a sad and limiting idea! Anywho this dress is a vintage M&S, well, at least as vintage enough to have St. Michael's on the label. It has floral details and a sailor style collar and I was drawn to this dress by the gathered waist under the bodice which reminded me of the Laura Ashley dresses I have mentioned before.

As for the print, I think a floral design is always perfect to wear even if it is a bitter winter.
I added black warm tights and some heeled black brogues to keep my legs warm and my feet glamorous and a splash of colour with the raspberry cardigan I spoke about in a previous post.

For the walk into town I added a long black coat from Monsoon circa 1990 that I bought from eBay (as usual) and a scarf that was a gift from some friends in the US. It is a lovely scarf and I have worn it every winter for several years now although sadly it is starting to look a little less glorious than it once did but it is still really warm!

I added a dainty brooch from a antique fair and I was read to go for a wander. I love having a day off on the weekends!


  1. Your hair looks lovely, love the print of the dress too. I actually really like wearing pale colours in winter, I think they stand out more against the other more usual a/w colours and look even nicer. xx

  2. Thanks, it's a shame all the curls fell out really quickly the next day :( I think it's getting too long. I think I agree on the contrasting colours, it's so easy to get stuck with black, navy and grey a bit of a lighter colour is nice!


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