Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cosplay Sightings: Brighton Zombie Walk

Just a quick mention today of the Beach of the Dead zombie walk in Brighton.

This is a yearly event that roughly coincides with Halloween where thousands of Brightonians don their rags and lots of fake blood and hobble and scream along the busy streets of Brighton to the beach.
There is typically a 'lovely' mix of traditional bloodied up zombies, to the more geeky take on pop culture figures as zombies, to zombie doctors, historical characters and even zombie gothic lolita!
Although I did not take part myself, I did watch some of the event and my particular favourite costume was a zombie Clark Kent/Superman, and although this raises serious questions about Kryptonian blood chemistry, I really apprecaiated the effort!

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Oh, good God! It's a Zombie invasion!!!!

The event itself attracts much attention, what with all the shuffling, screaming and moaning and is the biggest en masse fancy dress event I have seen that was not at London Comic Con. There were additional frolicks as a Brighton Steampunk group  fronted the resistance by the pier with full costume and plaques saying slogans such as 'Don't panic and carry a gun'...

All in all I suspect many people enjoyed this event, but probably not the drivers trying to get to the beach along the zombie infested road!

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